Are you obsessed about what you can and cannot eat because you’re ALWAYS watching your weight?


Has every diet you’ve been on resulted with you regaining the weight you struggled to lose?


Are you afraid  that if you could eat whatever you want, you’ll eat until you become the “Goodyear blimp”?

I bet you’ve been on MANY diets like I had. In fact, I was a chronic dieter. After each period of weight loss, I’d stay that happy weight for a short time, and then slowly but surely my pants would start getting tight again. What was happening? I was still not over-indulging or over-eating, I was exercising regularly, but the all the weight would come back eventually! This was horrifying!! What did I do wrong??

I’d blame myself, wondering why it didn’t work like they said it would. Maybe I blamed myself because of all of the effective advertisement showing how other people had lost so much weight. But I didn’t pay attention to the most important missing information: Were they able to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF?  But instead, I thought, because I regained the weight I lost  that something must be wrong with ME!  After all, “everyone knows” that if you eat less and exercise more” that’s the only way to lose weight. Except it’s not true!

I Needed To Be Thinner

And honestly, I probably was crazy because I had this idea in my head that I needed to be “thinner” and I was already fine the way I was. I didn’t need to diet! But my doctors didn’t tell me that.

Are you like I was? Are you unhappy with your body? Do you think that be thinner would make you more attractive, more lovable – that if you lost weight you’d get a better job, have nicer friends, meet the true love of your life?

I tried MANY diets

And yes, I tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Ornish, fasts, Paleo, exercise programs and so many more than I can even remember! I spend thousands of dollars on diets, books, supplements, exercise programs and more. And I’d lose some weight on each time. But the thing I didn’t realize is that each time I dieted it made my weight yo-yo up higher and higher with additional “insurance pounds”!!

And that would get me right back into another diet, because I had to lose the weight I had gained after the last diet! It was like being stuck in a revolving door – a vicious cycle! I didn’t realize that the reason I was GAINING WEIGHT was because of dieting!

explanation of revolving door of dieting

OMG! Now I finally understand- It’s NOT my fault

amazed expression

One day I was listening to yet another diet summit broadcast to tell me how to really lose weight with the most effective diet. But something happened during this podcast that changed my life. There was a unique speaker who said something that finally opened my eyes. He spoke out against everything that these Paleo people were saying about dieting, and explained that restricting the foods you ate, and the amount of food you took in would damage your metabolism. That was the major reason why people were constantly gaining weight- damage to your metabolism from DIETING!!

It was my  “ah ha” realization. I knew in my heart that he was right! I was NOT to blame for diet failure and regaining weight. Dieting was to blame. I had been totally misled by a diet industry that made over $60 billion on my ignorance and “need” to be thinner. And I realized that I was not alone.

The beginning of my Diet Recovery

I then started really researching this 180 degree different approach and found thousands of women like me who had dieted themselves to overweight. We had blamed ourselves instead of a DIET for never being able to keep the weight off. The research was clear. Ninety-Five Percent- yes, 95% of dieters regain the weight they lost, plus additional pounds- and it’s a body’s NATURAL RESPONSE to dieting!

Food Restriction

I realized that when you dieted and restricted foods, the food you wouldn’t allow yourself was the first thing you went to eat when you were frustrated . That became your “comfort food”. Emotional eating, the result of stress in your life, ended up being the very thing that could add additional weight, even if you ate “normally” all the rest of the time. Dieting causes binging!

Diet Industry Lies

And I discovered a lot more – that made me angry as hell at the Diet Industry and ignorant doctors, like Dr. Oz who just “fed us” lies so they could make more money. AND, worst of all,  they convinced us that there was something wrong with us when we couldn’t make a “lifestyle change” or have will power to say “no”.  And even worse is, they convinced the rest of the world, people who were thinner, that because we were over-weight and couldn’t maintain weight loss it was because we had a character flaw instead of a normal physiological response of the body to dieting! Now we have to deal with fat-shamers and people who are mean and shallow and condemn overweight people calling them over-indulgent and lazy.

Reasons you gained weight in the first place

It’s important to understand why you gained weight in the first place. And don’t think of it as simply: “I ate too much, and exercised to little.” It’s actually MUCH more complicated that that.

I’m going to show you the many factors that affect your weight – many of them were beyond your control. And just blaming yourself, having a negative mindset can have a profound effect on your weight!

Consider this:

If you are walking around with a pebble in your shoe,

should you take an aspirin to relieve the pain?  

NO!!! You remove the pebble.

shoes with a pebble cause pain-the pebble is stressful and painful. Remove the pebble don't take medication

When it comes to weight,

that Pebble is Stress – and a Diet is the Aspirin. 

Break out of that revolving door of diet, lose weight, regain weight, diet again….. FOREVER! 

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