You Eat MORE than you THINK! Fool your Brain and Lose Weight

Have you been trying to lose weight, and you’re wondering WHY it’s not coming off? Or have you lost weight, and even though you didn’t pig out, the weight has been coming back? The fact is, your body is protecting you! It’s preventing you from starving to death by managing your fat cells and slowing down your metabolism.

DIETING causes you to GAIN weight. 95-98% of all diets fail to keep the weight off. Did you know, that unless you are REALLY careful, you are probably eating more than you think? It’s because most people are multi-tasking while eating, or not paying attention to the signs that your body gives you that tells you to STOP eating! 

This ebook has the answers that will FOOL your brain into thinking, and your stomach into feeling that you had enough to eat. It’s a sneaky way to eat until you’re filled, but end up eating less! But not too much less, or else you will kick in Nature’s Fat Conservation Metabolism Slowing Program! I teach you how to find that “sweet spot” where you won’t feel hungry, but you are still lowering your intake. And you won’t “mind” it – I mean your brain won’t think that you are on a diet and set off the alarms! 

If you want to be a successful loser (lol), you have to work WITH your body. This book will show you how to actually FOOL your brain, so it doesn’t figure out you’re on a diet! You will get “the skinny” on tricks that you can use to fool your mind, so that you don’t slow down your metabolism, and then you can start losing weight. But instead of doing it the way the “Diet Experts” say where you’ll end up gaining it back, follow these rules, and KEEP OFF THE WEIGHT for good! 

This is just one part of the Mentabolism Make-over™ which can help you achieve your weight loss goal. And it a really special price, because I want you to start on your way to healthy weight! 

ONLY $4.99

(do you think I’m kidding?!)
– You’ll save that much on the food you don’t eat in a couple of days!