Are You Stressed Out?

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Everyone has it.  But some people seem to know how to cope with stress better than others.  For those people who know how to manage stress, their lives can be filled with both physical symptoms, and unhappiness.

What causes stress? Our body’s reaction to stress was designed by nature to aid us, in fact to save our lives from REAL stressors.  It enabled us to escape from predators that were going to eat us! The only problem is, the way we live our modern lives has overloaded our systems, and we are using nature’s excellent life saving equipment to deal with things would never have concerned our ancient homo sapien relatives: such as paying our bills on time, relationship problems, working with a boss that’s driving us crazy; caregiver burnout, driving in traffic… I’m sure you get the picture!

Belly Fat & Stress

Weight around the belly is a sign of the affect of stress. Most people can correlate stress in their lives to the time when their weight started increasing. You don’t get overweight because you eat too much, you eat too much because you are stressed! Eating “comfort food” is our body’s attempt to deal with stress. But obviously, it doesn’t work! In order to stop weight gain, you MUST deal with the stress that’s causing it!

YOU MUST Control and STOP the Stress BEFORE it stops you!

The majority of heart attacks happen Monday morning 9am, on the way back to work. And they are fatal. Why then? Stressful thoughts? Worry? All of these emotions effect your cardiovascular system along with every other system in your body. Stress is not something that’s just in your head – it’s all through your body!

EmWave  Personal Stress Reliever is a small, portable  biofeedback (type of device) that can help you to STOP the stress response, and even stop sweating the small stuff. With practice you will learn to become aware of the stress triggers in your life, and learn how to take their power away:  managing your reactions so that those old stressors are no longer an issue for you. The EmWave   gives you scientific proof that you are actually reducing the effect of stress in your body, through using your heart and mind! It’s small enough to carry around in your pocket or purse. With practice, you will KNOW you are improving inside, and definitely feel a shift away from the intensity of the stress.

EmWave is portable

How does the EmWave work? 

The change in your perception and reaction to stress is not just from holding the EmWave in your hand. You will learn how to actually control your heart’s beat to beat change to a restful, calm pattern. It’s not about  slowing down your heart, it’s about calming and organizing your heart beat. Free training is available when you purchase the EmWave.  And that’s just the beginning. You can do more extensive work with it can literally change your life – Because of change of Heart can change everything!

It’s even guaranteed for 30 days- but you won’t want to give it up!

With the purchase of your EmWave, you will receive a 30 minute strategy session to determine the source of your stress, and devise a relief plan of action. 

(as soon as your purchase goes through, you will receive an evaluation form, and an appointment scheduler to set up your no-cost appointment)

Yes Lianda, I want to feel better and manage my stress!

I want an EmWave2! Discounted Price:  $129.00 

FREE Training with purchase!

Personal Stress Relief is in YOUR Hands
Personal Stress Relief is in YOUR Hands



EmWave 2 Color

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