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Mentabolism Make-Over™


12 Weeks to Restore your Health

and Vitality

Your body is the EXTERNAL EXPRESSION – EmBODIment (literally) of


That means: If you have extra fat, your blood work will probably reflect higher triglycerides, higher blood sugar levels, and maybe you have elevated blood pressure. Maybe you are even PRE-Diabetic? NOW is the time to make the change: not just for your attractiveness and to fit into your clothes, but for your HEALTH and LONGEVITY!

Are your jeans are tight, or you are forced to buy larger sizes than you want to wear?  Do you have a wardrobe in many sizes? You’ve probably tried to lose weight before, and maybe you did. But as soon as you stop a calorie restricted diet, nature forces the weight right back! And the concept of exercising to lose weight, is like banging your head against a wall to get rid of a headache!  It DOESN’T Work!

This program is designed as a lifestyle change that will be very different from any diet you’ve probably tried. It’s from the science of overweight studies – NOT the opinion based Medical Mantra: “Eat Less and Exercise More” scam that has fattened over 60% of Americans. AND 95% of those diets fail, and end up making you GAIN MORE WEIGHT!!

This program is NOT about restricting calories, starving yourself, denying yourself, exercising until you drop. You will eat until full, and when you get hungry, you are ENCOURAGED to eat- Not Rabbit Food, but  REAL FOOD YOUR BODY WAS INTENDED TO EAT! And if you want dessert, you will be encouraged to eat that as well. No more deprivation! You will feel great- with more vitality!

And you DON’T NEED TO EXERCISE for this to work! In fact, exercise can actually slow down the process! (But if you love to play sports, go to Yoga classes or to the gym, you can still do it for your general heart health and attractive muscle tone.)

Look, I know this sounds crazy. It almost sounds like another DIET SCAM. But if you’ve dieted and gained it back every time, you’ve been fooled – JUST LIKE I WAS, and are in “The Diet Matrix”.

And remember, if you do something time and time again, and expect different results, that’s the definition of INSANITY!  So throw off the crazy making! 

Get ready to be OPEN to seeing with new eyes. But when I explain how this program works, you will feel confident, and see fast results, AND feel great. 

So what do you have to lose? 10 pounds, 25, 50 or more?

Let’s get started by filling in the application to see if you qualify for this program. This is a 1 on 1 program- totally customized for your needs. No embarrassment in group meetings, but total support to answer your questions, concerns, help you with motivation and making that important change to save your life!

Make sure to fill the questionnaire out completely, and I will contact you to discuss the program if I think it will work for you.

Don’t wait – because this is an private program, there are limited openings – so don’t miss YOUR opportunity to finally end your weight issues, and eating issues FOREVER!