Mindful Eating – Stress Diet

Most people can remember a  stressful time or event that occurred in their lives at the time when their weight started increasing. You don’t get overweight because you eat too much, you eat too much because you are stressed! Eating “comfort food” is our body’s attempt to deal with stress – it’s just a symptom you are stressed. If you had terrible headaches and kept taking pain killers; that’s NOT going to make the headaches go away. Painkillers are treating a symptom- not the cause. Just like dieting is treating the symptom (binge eating, emotional eating) and not the cause- which is STRESS! In order to stop emotional eating, you MUST deal with the stress that’s causing it!  Learning how to eat mindfully is not enough. You need a STRESS DIET!

with your iPhone, stress relief is at hand

Is Chronic STRESS making you overweight?

Everyone has stress sometimes.  But some people cope with stress better than others.  For those people who can’t manage stress, their lives can be filled with both physical symptoms, unhappiness- AND even WEIGHT GAIN!

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What causes stress? It’s your emotional reaction to an event that makes you stressed. Your body’s reaction to stress was designed by nature to be short-term to save your life and escape from predators and danger – but then the stress reaction was supposed to stop! The problem is that the way we live our modern lives, stress has become chronic and never turns off: worrying about paying bills on time, relationship problems, working with a boss that’s driving you crazy; caregiver burnout, lack of sleep, listening to the news, driving in traffic, hating your body… Your response to stress can end up being worse that the actual thing that is causing your stress! Chronic stress will make you sick and even fat!

How can a Stress Diet help me manage my eating? 

If you’ve been on every diet, but always regain the weight you struggled to lose, stop blaming yourself. You don’t overeat from being hungry – you overeat from STRESS! Sometimes you’re not even overeating, but you all of a sudden start gaining weight! It’s your body’s natural response to stress. It’s called emotional eating, or stress eating.

Think about your life and when you gained weight. The vast majority of people gained weight after or during a stressful time or event in their lives! You can’t just go on a diet- that actually causes MORE stress to your body. You need to learn how to manage the stress in your life, which is causing you to over-eat, binge and affect your metabolism. You need to build your resiliency to stress.

This is a Mindful Eating/Stress Diet plan that doesn’t make you change anything you eat- it helps you stop emotional eating by learning how to manage stressful feelings before grabbing for comfort food. It has been the most successful method for people to gain mastery to stop overeating and manage their  weight – and it is achieved with stress relief alone! Eat what you enjoy, and use food as part of your stress relief program.

In just six weeks test participants’ group weight average decreased by an impressive 5.2 pounds, though a number reported approximately 12-pound losses. The average waist circumference dropped 2.1 inches and hip circumference 1.78 inches. Participants also reported increased feelings of calmness. These results were accomplished without any direction in regard to food or exercise but rather focusing on taking care of their emotional well-being first.

emWave Personal Stress Reliever

Practicing the the emWave Personal Stress Reliever is like using biofeedback to SHOW you in REAL TIME how you are able to physically change your body’s physiology and lower stress levels throughout your body. Watch how it works.

What you can expect from the Mindful Eating- Stress Diet

You can expect that in the first session you’ll be able to identify your stress triggers and how to shut them down. You will feel an immediate relief and your confidence will grow daily with enjoyable practice with your emWave Personal Stress Reliever.

Watch as the things that used to stress you become less important; and your reliance on food for comfort becomes a thing of the past. All areas of your life will take on a shift… and you’ll document them in your journal to see how Life Is Good now that stress no longer controls you!

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a training in using EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique to bust through any blocks that are holding you back in your practice.

This is a Seven Session one-on-one program with Lianda includes:

  • Seven 50 minute private sessions in a scientifically validated successful program
  • HeartMath’s Book/Journal: Stopping Emotional Eating
  • EmWave Personal Stress Reliever or “Inner Balance” (for iPhone users) biofeedback type device & training
  • One session focused on EFT Tapping on YOUR specific weight/stress issue
  • Snooze and Lose mp3 recording
  • A copy of Lianda’s Amazon Best Selling book: “Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight”
  • All sessions recorded

How to get started

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