How to lose belly fat without diet pills and surgery

Belly fat is especially difficult to lose. There are even many people who are not significantly overweight, but have a big belly. You can do exercises to lose weight, and tighten your stomach area, but the belly fat is stuck. In these cases, your belly fat is sending you an important message. You are STRESSED! Belly fat, when you have a bigger stomach than the measurement of your hips (your stomach to hips ratio) is not so much a result of what you are eating, but what’s eating you!

Belly fat is a result of stress in your life. You can diet, but that’s trying to get rid of the symptom of the problem without getting rid of the reason for the belly fat. Until you deal with the stress, your diet plan probably won’t work, or you will gain the weight back again! Belly fat can be the result of “emotional eating” or eating to fill an emotional need in your life. That means that you are eating, NOT because you are hungry for food, but you are stressed-out, lonely, sad or another emotion is creating a need to be full-filled!

Your belly fat can be the result of lack of sleep. And yes, stress can make it difficult for you to fall asleep, and have a good quality sleep of at least 8 hours. So, how can you lose your stubborn belly fat? Over-exercising just causes more of a stress reaction in your body! Eating less also can also create a stress reaction in your body. You may think that the answer is almost crazy, but it’s important to

  •  Deal with the stress! Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full – don’t eat when you are stressed!
  •  Get good sleep (at least 8 hours) and
  •  Eat more (but the choices of food is important),
  • Eat more often! (again, the choice of food is important- make sure your snacking includes quality protein and good fats).

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