Muscle Testing Gets to the Truth

Muscle Testing is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Have you ever been really unsure of what you want? You go back and forth between “yes” and “no”, and if you make a decision, you are not really committed to it.

Here’s how to get the definitive answer to what you REALLY believe in your subconscious. It’s called Applied Kinesiology (AK), or Muscle Testing

Applied Kinesiology is an alternative medicine method that can be used for diagnosis or feedback on the functional status of your body. It’s based on the concept of internal energy that is fundamental in Chinese medicine. It’s non-invasive, using only pressure to a muscle to provide information about energy blockages, functioning of organs, nutritional deficiencies and even food sensitivities.

The premise is that your muscles are strong when you are telling a truth, and weak when you lie. Although you may consciously try to lie, your body cannot lie. The body will give answers to things that are submerged and unknown to your consciousness, and it will give answers without being biased by wishful thinking or social maneuvering.

You may have seen AK being applied by an alternative care practitioner. The client will be asked to extend one arm straight out in front, or straight out to the side. The facilitator instructs him or her to resist while pressing down on the arm. If the arm holds up to being pressed down, a strong response, it determines that the answer is correct (YES). Alternately, if it the client cannot keep the arm extended, and it is weak, or gives in the answer is “No”.

If you’ve ever had this test done on you, unless you have complete confidence in the practitioner, you might believe that they were applying different pressure each time they asked a question. If you do it on yourself by just using your hands, the results just don’t seem that reliable. 

NOW, there is an alternative, and you can test yourself and be certain of the response! You can get a hand held muscle tester that you do to yourself that shows you exactly how strong or weak your response is to any question you ask.

There are two kinds: the Original and the digital TrutesterThe Digital is more accurate, and better for children or people with weaker hand muscles.


And as you practice, you will find you can get very specific with your questions, and are able to rely on your subconscious answers being exposed through your body’s response. As I said: Your body doesn’t lie!

You can use the tester to see if you have food sensitivities. It can help you to understand the unconscious thought patterns and blockages you may have. Knowing and becoming aware can be enough for many people to shift, and move forward just from this knowledge alone! However, if you are still stuck, that’s when I can help get you with EFT to move forward

So, if you want answers to questions that you are in your subconscious mind, Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing is a great way to get to YOUR truths.