Cure Diabetes Type 2 in ONE week!

A Lion Imagining eating cabbage

Can You Get Rid of Diabetes Type 2 With Just Diet?

I just read a post from Dr. Mark Hyman, a functional medicine specialist said you can reverse Diabetes Type 2 in 1 week! Your body is designed to protect and  take care of you. But your mental state is ALSO a large contributor to your physical health. And while doctors tell you to “deal with your stress”, they don’t PRESCRIBE a method for you to follow. They leave that MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT up to you!! 

Doctors are Misinformed or NOT informed

The problem is perhaps your doctor has fallen for the misinformation campaign, The Big Fat Lie,  that has made saturated fats and eating meat Evil! Finally some doctors are reading the newest findings that are dismissing that information as untested and untrue. In fact, they are now claiming that VEGETABLE OILS – Omega 6 (think of it as 666 oils) are the true danger: Canola, Sunflower, Corn, Safflower oils….. ALL BAD! Can you imagine what kinds of processing you have to do to get oil out of a corn cob?? (The healthy fats that you should be eating are “fruit oils”- coconut, avocado, olive along with butter! yummy!).

When you go back over the research for the past 60 + years, you’ll find that humans lived VERY WELL on a diet made up of animal fats from pasture raised animals, and wild animals for the last 2 million years! Researchers who investigate societies where they are still eating these traditional foods find that those people do not have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, many cancers nor do they have the type of degenerative diseases and Alzheimers (dementia) that Western cultures do. And THEY EAT MEAT AND FAT from those animal sources. And their lives had a LOT LESS STRESS!

You can spend a lot of time learning about this, or you can subscribe to my newsletter, and get info weekly where Diet Industry Lies are exposed. Human beings are the only species of animal that eat according to their philosophy. It may not be good for the environment, and you may love animals and not want to eat them and that’s fine if you supplement – listen to the Youtube presentation; but that’s how your body was designed, or how it functions best. In fact, check out this very Youtube video where a vegetarian admits the latest findings on heath comparisons between meat eaters and vegans and vegetarians. It will probably surprise you!

Look, you wouldn’t feed a lion cabbage would you? You KNOW that they wouldn’t flourish eating that kind of food. 

No matter what you eat, the most important thing you can do for yourself is manage your stress– because you can eat the best diet, but under stress it become toxic in your body, according to Deepak Chopra, MD. Don’t WAIT for stress, build a stress relief time into you day. Make it a habit, like brushing your teeth. Set a time for it, and stick to it!  That will help with ANY chronic illnesses, both mental and physical. That’s what Diabetes specialists tell you, just like gentle exercise, stress relief is part of the way to manage Diabetes Type 2.





ps- Did you ever notice that overweight people have overweight pets?

Overweight Man and His Overweight Dog