Dealing With Fat Shaming

skinny person fat shaming

Fat Shaming

Mean, Shallow, Ignorant: that perfectly describes people who berate you, call you names, tell you what to eat, and what NOT to eat are doing. I am so sorry that anyone has to deal with mean and shallow people who think they have the right to judge you. It’s good to have a strategy to deal with people like this so you don’t walk away from the event saying: “I SHOULD have said….” and then feeling even worse about yourself. It’s time to learn Assertiveness Training!

Secondly…. the people who shame you are not doing something to help you. They are intentionally hurting you and embarrassing you – and making themselves seem like THEY are superior people because they are a “normal” weight. Unfortunately, they are also ignorant of the facts that “eat less and exercise more” does NOT work to have you lose weight permanently – even IF you continue to “watch your weight”. It’s as if they think you’ve never tried to lose weight! I’m certain you tried, and probably dieted MANY times, but you undoubtably regained it! Fat shamers think there’s some character flaw you have because your body doesn’t conform to standards that THEY think are appropriate.

Helping by Shaming?

If they actually think they are helping you get healthy by fat shaming, it would be helpful for them to learn facts and discover that yo-yoing up and down with your weight is even worse for your health. So if they REALLY cared about your health, they should mind their own business until they understand that dieting is the worst thing you can do to if you want to lose weight!

If the fat shamers  are in your family, you can tell them that you appreciate that they may think they are helping, but they are not; and please cease their commentary. If they continue to tell you that they are trying to “help” you, get them the book: “The Obesity Myth” by Paul Campos and educate them. In fact, educate yourself so you know ahead of time, all of the specifics that you can quote to them about how diets don’t work!

If these shamers are “friends” they are not really friends. Again, explain to them that they are NOT helping you, but making you feel worse about yourself, and upset with them! If they don’t change their comments,  get some new friends! Leave them behind.

If fat shamers are strangers, just think of them as low-lifes whose opinions mean nothing to you – because indeed, they are judgmental, and I’d be willing to be they are not perfect human beings if they are judging you!

The hardest fat shaming person to deal with is yourself

Until you really understand that weight gain is not something that has happened to you because you are a failure, and learn about the REAL causes of gaining weight, and what dieting actually does, you will hold yourself responsible and blame yourself!

I used to dream that I cheated while I was on a diet, and in the morning I hated myself so much that it gave me the motivation not to eat anything that wasn’t on my diet the entire day! Yes, I had discipline; but what I didn’t understand is: that will NOT make you succeed at losing weight and MAINTAINING weight loss. It was NOT my fault. And blaming myself and hating my body was actually a large part of the problem of gaining weight. It is all a big fat lie!

What is Causing You to Gain Weight?

Why and how did you gain this weight? I’m sure those people will tell you that it’s because:

  • you ate too much,
  • you ate the wrong food,
  • you didn’t exercise enough,
  • you are lazy,
  • you have no control over yourself,
  • you have no self-discipline.
  • Well, I’m here to tell you that they are all WRONG!

The primary reason you are gaining weight is because you are DIETING! It took me decades to realize (duh!) that every time I dieted, I lost weight for a while, plateaued (got stuck at a weight where no more weight would budge further down), and then started regaining the weight I struggled to lose – sometimes it happened while I was still dieting!

To make matters even worse, after each diet, I’d regain the weight, PLUS some additional “insurance pounds” that my body put on in case I happened to starve again! In essence, I dieted myself to fat! And once you move that set point up higher, you cannot get it lower by dieting! It took a long time to realize this, and a lot of heart ache. My amazing discovery was: this was not just my problem. It’s what happens to 95% of people who go on ANY diet, or “lifestyle change” or become vegetarian, paleo, etc…. Diets do NOT work! Only 5% of people maintain weight loss, and NO ONE knows why! That means that 95% of people who diet are going to GAIN weight!

Do NOT EVER diet again!

taking a pill to stop pain from a pebble in your shoe is not going to solve the problem for your pain!

Dieting to lose weight is like taking a pill to stop the pain in your foot instead of removing the pebble from your shoe…. If your body type is inherited from your family, you are going to look like them, more or less. But in most cases, weight gain is CAUSED because of being unhappy, and stressed. It increases cortisol which changes your metabolism (slows), makes it hard to get enough sleep (which alone can make you gain weight).

Dieting is the pebble: stress relief is taking the pebble out of your shoe.

But taking the pebble out of your shoe is not necessarily going to help you to lose weight – but it will keep you from gaining more (unless your weight gain is related to a health condition or genetics). And in some cases, it may help you to manage your weight. AND it will make you a lot happier in your life, which can affect many aspects of your health and relationships.

Find things to do to manage stress, like practicing stress relief with the EmWave device daily. Do activities that make you happy; read books that support you as you are; find TRUE friends who accept you for who you are…

dog licking face of a fat woman

Love yourself like your dog would love you – no matter what you look like!







You can make your own Mindset

Stress Diet

picture of fat woman eating in cart before horse

Overeating from Stress

Going on a diet without first dealing with the stress that made you gain weight in the first place, and is now making you over-eat, binge or any other disordered eating pattern is like putting the cart before the horse. It’s ignoring the major reasons that people eat too much or binge: STRESS! So if you’re stressed, and you KNOW that you need stress relief, don’t reach for “comfort food”- practice stress relief techniques first!

Diet Books Miss the CAUSE of over-eating

Every diet book I see advertised tells you what to eat and when to eat it. The only problem is: People don’t overeat on purpose. It HURTS to overeat! You feel bloated and uncomfortable. And then you hate yourself even more for overeating. That’s because you’re not eating because you’re hungry- you’re eating because of stress. You even call that food the you eat when stressed out comfort food! The food may be comforting you while you’re sitting and putting it in your mouth, but not after you finish and then think about what you’ve just done to yourself!

Stress Diet

The answer is so obvious that people just don’t see it! You must manage stress in order to normalize your eating behavior. Because essentially, you are unknowingly using eating as a stress relief- but it’s NOT working! Your doctor may be stressing you out by telling you that you “need” to lose weight (he or she is ignorant of the actual facts about excess weight, BTW). That’s only contributing to your stress. And your doctor may tell you to control your stress, but do they give you a method to relieve stress? Not likely!

Stress relief methods

There are LOTS of ways to relieve stress that can help you manage your stress eating, also known as emotional eating. But the ones that work best are the ones you actually practice daily. Stress relief that you practice actually makes you more resilient so that the things that used to stress you out don’t have the same power over you. That’s when you get into the zone of really managing your stress by eliminating your perception of, and reaction to things that used to really get to you. When you’re resilient they don’t have that impact on your life. It’s kind of like water running off a duck’s back. So you don’t reach for the “comfort food” because you don’t need it! Isn’t that better?

Some of my favorite  stress relief methods are:

  • slowing your breath, and extending your exhale
  • listening to calming sounds (from nature) or music
  • looking at a photo of someone I love
  • loosening and softening the muscle between your eyes (get rid of your frown)
  • petting an animal (if you’re not allergic, like me!)
  • getting out of your space and stretching (like doing a few yoga ‘asanas’ – poses)
  • HeartMath’s emWave– measure’s your ability in REAL TIME, to see how you’re actually changing your physiology and calming yourself down!

The thing that dieting articles rarely address is that over-eating and under-eating is a response to stress. So why would you start a diet, and ignore the issue of dealing with the CAUSE of the eating disorder? Dieting is putting the cart in front of the horse! In order to increase the probability that weight loss and maintenance of that loss is at all possible,  you must teach people a different way to manage stress without using food! If you want to get out of that cart and on the path to improved health weight management, contact me to get started.

You can make your own Mindset


Fat Shaming

Is Being Fat Going To Kill You?

Fat Shaming is more dangerous to your health than being overweight!
I write answers to people who are suffering the effects of fat shaming. I got so angry when I read the original article and then the responses of fat shaming commenters. UGHHHHHHH! Let me at them!

Answer: Why do some people think they have the right to criticize and shame other people?? It infuriates me even more when their criticism is based on IGNORANCE culled from reading biased and fake science magazine articles paid for by the DIET Industry – which is all too happy to have you feel miserable about your body so you’ll go on another diet- and regain the weight again!! SHAME on anyone who thinks they are better than you, and that THEY can teach you how to be like them!! These people are MEAN AND SHALLOW. (I can’t wait to read their responses to this! And I don’t care, because I don’t respect people who shame other people)

So here are FACTS. Being thin, even 5 pounds underweight is more dangerous than being 75 pounds OVERWEIGHT. This is according to actuary tables from insurance companies that don’t want to lose money. This is according to all FACTUAL information from government studies. But the thing is, the Diet Industry LIES because they make BILLIONS of dollars scaring people into believing that fat is illness. IT IS NOT!

And unfortunately, people who are heavier are treated with so much scorn and derision that it makes their lives a misery and stressful. So they diet- and cause their metabolisms to slow down even more, and actually it CAUSES eventual regaining the weight lost!

Furthermore, there are genetics involved here. Just like you inherit your hair color, you generally inherit body frame from your parents. Other fascinating studies show that twins/triplets separated at birth and raised by different families end up being the same weight as each other in adulthood – despite eating differently, being in different environments, etc. There are MANY reasons that some people are heavier than others- but they mostly revolve around stress.

genetics affect weight obvious in father and son

Perhaps people who blame people for being overweight should instead consider that thin people are predisposed to their weight, just as overweight people are. Being heavy is NOT a personality flaw. Do you call tall people names (other than basketball player) and blame them for needing bigger seats and more space? Why do we do this to heavier people? It is NOT the fault of the person who is heavy. And the diet industry, in large measure is to blame for prescribing a “treatment”- a DIET for being overweight that actually CAUSES the very problem they pretend to be trying to fix.

Bottom line- get fit, because that’s the thing that will make you live the longest, healthiest life- and appreciate the body you have – and ignore ANYONE who tells you otherwise because they are ignorant, mean spirited or have a hidden agenda!

What do you think?


How to Stay Skinny

overweight woman shocked by looking at a scale

Diet Questions Answered

I’ve been answering questions on Quora about the best way to lose weight, what exercise to do to lose weight and all things related to losing weight. You probably realize that I don’t encourage people to diet. I’ve learned from extensive reading, interviews women (and less men), researching for my book, Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight, and from my own chronic dieting, that diets don’t work. 95% of people who go on a diet will regain the weight, and then get caught in a pattern that will utterly fail, and finally make you heavier than you would have been if you had never dieted in the first place.

Here’s the latest question and answer:

Q: How can you stay skinny?

LL’s answer:

Skinny? Why would you want to be skinny? Did you know that skinny people die younger than people with more fat on their bones? Of course the diet industry that makes $60 billion a year on getting people to diet doesn’t want you to know that – because diets don’t work! If they did, there would be ONE way to lose and maintain weight loss, and everyone would be thin.

I don’t know if you’re a male or female, but truly skinny women often stop have periods and can’t have babies.

If you want to be slender, that’s going to depend on many factors: your genetic inheritance from your parents and your body type (compare Serena to Venus Williams- Serena will NEVER be skinny, but she sure is fit- and healthier than sister Venus) and your upbringing. People who have a difficult first six years of life (abuse, neglect, humiliation) have a higher body weight, along with many illnesses later in life. And finally, STRESS is probably the most important contributing factor to weight gain.

Not being happy about your body and trying to change it is stressful. Chronic stress is probably the reason that people gain weight in the first place. Their cortisol levels are high, which affects every aspect of their health and well-being; and they gain weight, generally around the middle of their body.

My best advice to you is this: Accept yourself, work on building your self-esteem; consider there are things in the world more important than what you look like and do your best to help others. Don’t try to look like movie stars or any one else. Be yourself: everyone else is already taken! Get moderate exercise (not too much, because that’s stressful for your body) which is great for stress relief. Practice your favorite form of stress management every day. Be happy. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Throw your scale away. And NEVER diet. Dieting is almost a guarantee you will end up regaining weight, plus additional insurance pounds. 95% of dieters regain their lost weight and go up each time they diet. I repeat: NEVER DIET.




Watching Your Weight

Dieting Causes Binging

I met a new friend for lunch at a nice restaurant today.  Our server was a lovely young woman who started a conversation with us. We found out that she was avoiding desserts and carbs because she was getting married shortly, and was “watching her weight”. I am telling you – I saw ME back when I was her age, all over again. A perfect body, but a young woman insecure about how she looked, and trying to change herself with a diet.

I told her that DIETING causes binging- and ultimately it will cause you to gain weight. “WHAT??Why?” she asked.

“Because the things you resist persist,” I explained. “You will never binge on broccoli, because you will never tell yourself you ‘shouldn’t’ eat it. But ice-cream, chocolate, cake…. the things you think you shouldn’t eat are the things you want! Binging causes weight gain, not having your ice-cream, chocolate and cake – a little bit at a time. When it’s not forbidden, you know you can have it another time, and you don’t end up binging on it. And, btw, don’t ‘should’ on yourself”!

Chronic Dieting is Stressful

And you know what “watching your weight” will do? It will start her on the slippery slope of chronic dieting which will result in gaining weight each time you diet. Just like what happened to me, and the countless women I speak with. Losing weight wasn’t the problem. Maintaining it was impossible. Dieting suppresses your metabolism by putting your body in a state of stress. Over-exercising just adds insult to injury. The harder you exercise, the hungrier your body makes you to put back those calories you lost. And just like they said in Star Trek: “Resistance in Futile” because you’re fighting Mother Nature.

I was lucky that my disordered eating didn’t turn into full blown anorexia nervosa or bulimia! But in the extreme, that’s exactly what can happen. And those eating disorders KILL more young women than any mental disease. If this is your issue PLEASE get help right away!

I hope my new friend (also a yoga instructor, Naomi Judith, who also focuses on body acceptance) and I were able to open her eyes, by telling her Truth about dieting – and being happy and accepting your body. But you have to be ready to hear it… and all I can do is hope I’m getting through and making an impact. (I gave her a big tip!)

Your tip: focus on things outside of your body and what you look like. Youthful appearance lasts only so long, and hopefully you will have a long life when WHO you are and what you can give to others from your heart and soul is so much more important that simply what you look like! Looks are only skin deep- and a very shallow way to judge others.

you can choose how to live your life by adjusting your mindset.signature from Lianda Ludwig

Discover Your Inner Hero

book cover of Courage Under Siege

New Book Released: Courage Under Siege

Courage Under Siege, a new book compilation of women authors (I’m one of them) is released today on Amazon. Eleven women authors have written their stories of hardship and adversity and how they not only endured, but learned important life lessons in the process.

I wrote about my diet battles- decades of believing there was something wrong with my body, and trying EVERY damn diet out there, only to fail at losing weight. In fact, the end of dieting for me was a discovery that all along the Diet Industry had manipulated me and made me a real “loser”:  losing money, losing time, losing self-respect, but NOT losing (maintaining) any weight loss – because that’s nearly impossible.  But this story is what I gained after I discovered the lies women dieters were told by skinny Diet Gurus and the diet industry that made $60 BILLION a year hoping for us to fail and buy again. My discovery put me on the path to save others from this losing battle. I want to help to keep  younger women (and men) from the same miserable journey I went on for years.

The stories in Courage Under Siege are interesting- but what it can do for you is to make you realize YOUR courage – to really discover what YOU have done in your life that took great effort and made you who you are…. Discover YOUR inner hero! And I hope your inner hero tells you that you are perfect RIGHT NOW, even if your body doesn’t conform to society’s standards of beauty or perfection.

It’s only 99 cents for a very short time on Amazon. If you don’t have a kindle, you can read it on your computer or tablet.

If you like it, please review it!

You can make your own Mindset

Addicted to Sugar?

thin woman eating sugar directly from a spoon

There is a great fear that people now have:

Am I Addicted to SUGAR??

Diet fads come and go. The most recent fads are being gluten free, and breaking “addiction” to sugar.

I’m here to tell you that you are just as addicted to sugar as you are addicted to BREATHING! NO, you are not addicted to sugar!  If you were TRULY addicted to sugar, why don’t you just go eat it straight out of a sugar bowl? Sure, it tastes good, and you enjoy eating things that are sweet. But those same things are generally in a package or combined with fat, and sometimes ALSO with salt. Hence the new fad of eating pretzels that are covered in chocolate- or salted chocolate products.

When you’re under stress, that’s the time when you reach for something sweet. It makes you feel good – it’s a treat. In fact, the first food that you eat as an infant is “mother’s milk”. The combination of sugar, fat and protein in human breast milk is very close to another food that women in particular have a hard time saying “no” to: ice cream!

Diet gurus are again into another one of their Diet Industry Lies scheme to make you feel powerless and out of control by telling you that you are an addict! Actual addiction is characterized by a continuous or an increased dependence for a particular substance in the body. Furthermore, it is accompanied by the experience of a physical withdrawl when someone stops using that substance.

This again shows you that you are not addicted to sugar. Yes, there is an emotional pleasure that is derived by eating sweet food. But there is not a physical addiction to sugar. You don’t go holding up banks because you need money for sugar!! Physically you may detect that you feel more lethargic when you stop eating sugar, but that’s probably because of a drop in your blood sugar which will level off over time.

Your brain would not be fed adequately without glucose. In fact, thinking uses a higher amount of glucose than any other body part:

Glucose is virtually the sole fuel for the human brain, except during prolonged starvation. The brain lacks fuel stores and hence requires a continuous supply of glucose. It consumes about 120 g daily, which corresponds to an energy input of about 420 kcal (1760 kJ), accounting for some 60% of the utilization of glucose by the whole body in the resting state.

This is the opposite of your muscles which actually store glycogen. And glucose is the preferred fuel when you need burst of activity.

In fact, your brain’s need will over ride the body’s need for glycogen. If you are walking up a steep hill and doing complicated mathematical computations, you will have to stop one or the other activity.

Bottom line: you DO need sugars, just as you need protein and fat. If you want to be healthy and happy take the middle road- balance in all things. Don’t over do, don’t under-do. Do just enough – in all things.

When you are stressed and feel like you are out of control because you “need” a sugar fix it’s time for stress relief. I have a great program that helps you deal with stress eating so that you don’t  feel the need to stuff your feelings with food! You become more resilient and able to handle situations that would ordinarily make you reach for a candy bar or ice cream. Read about it, and see if it’s for you!

You can make your own Mindset



New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

The Same New Year’s Resolution AGAIN?

Every New Year we make resolutions, and time and again, we make the SAME New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to lose weight, and get into the best shape I’ve ever been. The first week after New Year’s Day gyms were filled to capacity- in less than 2 weeks after that there are less people attending.

The Definition of Insanity is: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Every year it’s the same resolution. And this time of year the Diet Industry has you so programmed that each new diet gets your attention and you want so desparately to believe that THIS time, THIS diet will succeed. But until you learn that the diet itself is the problem, maybe you’ll also realize that NO diet is going to give you “the final solution” of a permanently slim body.

But unbiased RESEARCH will show you that 95% of ALL diets are doomed to failure. Your body’s biology is putting the weight back on, to prevent you from starving. Yes, it’s a survival mechanism that Mother Nature has built in to keep you alive!

Furthermore, weight loss is such a complex issue that there is no agreement on HOW to lose weight! And even though it seems obvious that eating less and exercising more will allow you to lose weight- it may do it temporarily, but nature will put those pounds back on you eventually.  Eating less and exercising more is a recipe for one thing: REGAINING weight! Each time you go through this cycle of dieting/exercising and regaining the weight, it will add ADDITIONAL pounds that will make you heavier! It’s like the definition of HELL- especially if you are unhappy with your body, and blaming all your problems in life on your weight.

To add to situation, the stress you are experiencing from hating your body, starving yourself, and maybe over-exercising is actually sabotaging your ability to lose and maintain any weight loss! You need a STRESS DIET! 


I’m going to be totally honest with you. There is NO GUARANTEE that you will ever be able to maintain weight loss. Look at “The Biggest Losers” who lost weight. They’ve all regained it! Look at poor Oprah who has struggled with her weight for years! She’s on yet another diet – and I guarantee you that the weight will return within 2 years.

You undoubtably don’t want to hear this. For some women, this is like hearing you have an incurable disease. In some cases women have said that they’d trade 5-10 years of life to lose weight. How sad is that??

You may leave this website because you’re not reading what you want: that you can lose weight fast and be thin for the rest of your life. Even that “lifestyle change” that you read about is phony- because once a stressful event comes up, it’s almost impossible to maintain that “lifestyle change”.  This is subtle and the hardest thing to understand is: eating when you’re not hungry is a SYMPTOM of stress– And it’s impossible to stop a symptom because you haven’t dealt with the CAUSE of the symptom: STRESS. The only diet you need is a STRESS DIET! 

The Best New Year’s Resolution

The overall best New Year’s resolution you can keep is manage your STRESS!  Self-criticism, negativity, shame, and anger directed at yourself because of your weight or other things in your life can affect your weight!  Over or even under-eating is often self-medication for being unhappy. Stress management is a muscle that needs exercise before you’re stressed! The Stress-Diet program has been tested and found to be an effective way to lose weight for many people – WITHOUT DIETING! 

Managing stress means learning to love yourself NOW, not WHEN you lose weight. You are the same person in your heart- and your dog will love you the same in fat jeans, or skinny jeans.

unconditional love from a dog whether you are skinny or fat

If you can’t love yourself unconditionally, GET A DOG. You will learn what love is- and total acceptance. It will lower your stress level, and let you know that you are loved for who you are. Anyone who doesn’t accept you the way you are is NOT your friend. Be your own best friend – make that your New Year’s Resolution, and keep it!


You can do it!
Happy, Healthy New Year to You!


one-thing-preventing-weight loss


Why YOU Can’t Maintain Weight Loss

A successful (because she’s making lots of money- not because her clients are maintaining lost weight) weight loss doctor did a three hour program explaining how the reason you can’t maintain weight loss is all in your brain: your lack of will power. I listened for a while, but got so angry that I wrote this letter to her. She even suggested that instead of eating you should help the hostess serve and clean up the food at a party to keep your mind off eating.

This program is not only flawed, but it’s insulting. Do you REALLY think that over 95% (the speaker quoted an even HIGHER percentage) of people have no willpower?

Yes, will power is a factor to help make choices in life- but it’s not the factor in weight loss. I’m so saddened for Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson who believes that having a slender body is worth giving up the part of her life of enjoying food, eating with her friends and every other aspect that thin people don’t have to compromise about to maintain a thinner body.  Is it her belief that only thin people have will-power? 

Our society has developed a bias against people who don’t conform to being the “right size”. It is such an internalized preference that it makes them unable to SEE truths! “Believing is seeing”. They will argue unceasingly, that being past this acceptable weight limit is unhealthy- DESPITE REPUTABLE research that is done by actual scientists who don’t “gain” monetarily by finding that being fat is bad. Yes, the diet industry makes at least $60 BILLION a year marketing a product that has a success rate of less than 5%!

“Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention repeatedly find the lowest mortality rates among people whose body mass index puts them in the “overweight” and “mildly obese” categories. And recent research suggests that losing weight doesn’t actually improve health biomarkers such as blood pressure, fasting glucose, or triglyceride levels for most people.”

But women, primarily, are willing to starve themselves to achieve these standards – that they will NEVER be able to permanently maintain! In fact women questioned about the importance of being thin said that they would be willing to shorten their lives 10 years to be 10 pounds thinner! This is a disgrace.

Besides genetics and epi-gentics being a fundamental issue regarding adult weight, there are many studies showing that conditions that a child 0-age 6 lived under will also be a large contributing factor in weight in their lives (ACE long term studies). Twin studies show that twins separated at birth, never knowing the other twin, weigh within a pound of each other and not the family with which they were raised. Even economic factors play a large part in an adult’s weight. You don’t see many “over weight” rich people do you? And they have not only access to, but exposure to fine foods, parties and events where they are not helping the host clear away dishes in order to prevent themselves from eating!!

And finally the real issue: Although it is CLEAR that stress affects the metabolism: (for examples see studies from Robert Sapolsky, Ph D. regarding stress with baboons); and stress is a primary factor in economically challenged or poor people; and stress is the factor in epi-gentic findings that the pregnant mother’s stress level affects the fetus; and stress is a factor in the ACE studies of childhood upbringing; and stress is the factor in people being rejected and scorned and laughed at by society – and of course I could go on…. Dr. Thompson thinks we should just “say no” to nurturing ourselves with food – even though life doesn’t offer nurturing of any kind to the person who is plump.

There are programs that deal specifically with STRESS RELIEF that impact people with weight issues: but promise no guarantees of weight loss, no dieting, no foods to avoid, no denying oneself when hungry. For some people, they will lose weight. But for many, their bodies are their bodies, and they will never be thin. The profound stress that is relieved is from trying to fit into other people’s standards in order to feel like a worthy human being. For me, I think that is the most important thing in life- accept yourself the way you are. The people who judge you are mean and shallow – or seeking to make a buck on your misery. Don’t become like them and judge yourself harshly because your body doesn’t conform to society’s standards of beauty.


Is dieting a stress in your life? Is dieting contributing to your inability to manage your weight and live a happy, productive, and successful life? Let’s talk about it and end that issue!

You can make your own Mindset


It’s All In Your Head

A doctor putting a stethoscope to a person's head as they are meditating

If you’ve been dieting and can’t lose weight:

your doctor may tell you that you don’t have a thyroid problem: “It’s all in your head.” That is said by doctors who don’t understand that they are actually CORRECT! The things you believe and feel emotionally affect how your body is responding! That’s the basic foundation of Mind/Body medicine!

 How Stress Affects Your Weight

The way you have felt about your body can change the way you metabolize foods, change your hunger levels, affect your sleep (maybe the biggest cause of people gaining weight) – essentially it creates a background of STRESS in your mind/body. In order to manage your weight, you need to get off a food diet, and go on a STRESS DIET.
Everyone feels stress from time to time, but when it is unresolved it becomes chronic stress- and that is really dangerous for your health and well-being. Stress can come from your lifestyle, under-eating or over-eating, over-exercising, being financially challenged, working in a job you hate, having relationship problems or anything else. Multi-tasking and rushing, OVERdoing are creating stress. Probably the biggest stressor is not being true to yourself and honest with yourself.
Understand what makes you happy and take responsibility for it. You are ALLOWED to have your own needs and not have to live up to other people’s opinion of how YOU should live or be. You don’t have to LOOK like everyone else. Realize that dieting to look like the models and actors you admire is brainwashing from society. If you weigh more than others it may actually be your genetic body type. You are YOU. If you have problems with being unhappy with your body and have body image issues, I HIGHLY recommend you read DIETLAND by Sarai Walker. It may make all the difference in the way you accept yourself.
You can eat the healthiest diet, but under stress it turns to poison in your system. Bottom line: Manage your stress; be happy; forgive and accept yourself the way you are: and watch yourself get healthier and maybe that will impact your weight- but maybe not, and that too, can be alright.

you can make it so...signature from Lianda Ludwig