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thin Dave Asprey photo still being used

2017 Dave Asprey photo from interview with JP Sears- not thin anymore


Learn from a Fat Diet Guru

Are you smart enough to learn from a Fat Diet Guru? All the people who are telling you how to lose weight are thin – or they are using photos of when they were thin to sell you their diet. Dave Asprey above still uses that great thin faced photo of him during his thin period of time after he completed his diet. Now look at the picture of him being interviewed by the hysterical JP Sears. Man boobs,  neck fat, etc… Now I’m NOT pointing this out to insult him. If you look at me, you’ll see plenty of fat- it’s just an observation. But he is HIDING behind his thin photo to sell his diet!! NOT HONEST at all!

Get thin like me“, these Diet Gurus claim. But how honest are they actually?

Diet Gurus LIE

First of all, we KNOW that 95% of diets fail – you lose weight, but then you regain the weight you lost plus additional insurance pounds to keep you from starving to death next time. So how is it that all of these Diet Gurus who are selling diets and diet books are thin? Are they in the magic 5% of dieters that actually maintain weight loss?

More likely they are either genetically gifted with a body structure and/or have a naturally fast metabolism, like my friend Yolanda who I write about all the time. OR they are Eating Disordered people who try to make YOU eat like them: under-eating (possibly with Anorexia Nervosa, or Bulimia) and over-exercising their entire lives. Are you willing to give up the things you enjoy eating FOREVER? Are you able to turn down dinner engagements with friends because there are foods you won’t eat? Are you willing to not even eat a piece of your own BIRTHDAY CAKE for the rest of your life? And even WITH that understanding that the food you enjoy will be off limits, there is STILL NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to maintain any weight loss you achieve even while still “watching” what you eat??

Why you Can’t Maintain Weight Loss from Dieting

Within days of starting a restricted weight loss diet, Mother Nature, via your normal body life saving mechanisms is alerted and ready to prevent you from starving to death. No, you cannot control this yourself. You may think you’re disciplined to prevent yourself from eating – and you may be- but you cannot control your metabolism which slows down about thirty percent (!!) to maintain your weight set point. So that means after you reach the weight you are happy with – and maybe you’ve thrown out your fat clothes, because some IGNORANT Diet Guru told you that would keep you motivated, your body is still in “saving your life” mode. You go back to “normal eating”, but probably still not eating a lot of the foods you now think are “the devil” (my daughter’s description of potato chips). But mysteriously…. you start seeing numbers increasing on that scale. (mistake #2 – KILL YOUR SCALE!!).

Nature is working as it should, and you WILL regain that lost weight and probably go upwards past your weight set point. But the Diet Gurus will tell you that you cheated. You ate too much, you were lazy and didn’t exercise enough. Well, DON’T BELIEVE THEM. Because your self-blame and body hatred will just increase the stress you are feeling and doubly affect your thoughts, mood and metabolism and make matters worse. And after a while, you’ll just go back on another diet and be stuck in the same revolving door cycle as before. All while spending your money enriching these Diet Gurus who are laughing all the way to the bank.

Revolving Door of Dieting

Ready for a Fat Diet Guru?

You’ll know you are cured from diet obsession when you are ready to listen to and learn from an HONEST fat diet guru who will tell you the truth. If you are lucky enough to listen while you are still relatively “normal” sized, you can prevent yourself from gaining even more weight that won’t come off. You may be very unhappy to hear facts about how dieting and exercising is a myth. But it’s the truth. A heavy person who can show you how to test your metabolism to see if you have “functional” hypothyroid can show you how to reverse that condition by eating more and exercising less. I know, it sounds crazy…. but there is tons of evidence to show you why this is so.

And a Un-diet expert who has gone through it herself can also show you a way to use stress relief to stop hating yourself and your body…. to use sleep and relaxation to show your body that you don’t need to stay in starvation mode. (Let’s talk and see if I’m the right person to help you)  Until that happens, you have no chance to get into that 5% group. I certainly don’t want to mislead you to tell you that this will help you lose and MAINTAIN weight loss. NO GUARANTEES.

Lots of women are doing “intentional eating” and mindful eating, believing, because the Diet Gurus are slender, that they will lose weight. Unless they tell you that is NOT the goal of mindful eating and that it is NOT a weight loss program, you are actually just trying another diet that won’t give you permanent weight loss, or any weight loss at all. Until you start seeing Fat Mindful Eating Gurus, it’s just another rabbit hole you will pay for both with your money and with ultimate disappointment.

Serenity Prayer for Dieters

I’m not lying or misleading you like other Diet Gurus are so happy to do. I want you to know the truth. Once you have gained weight, it’s going to be almost impossible to lose and maintain that weight loss. 5% of people manage it. I believe, IF you don’t have thyroid problems, IF you learn to relax and have a stress relief program you follow daily, IF you get adequate sleep, IF you eat enough and often enough…. you increase your chances of getting into that metabolic zone where it’s possible to SLOWLY lose weight and maintain it. But best is if your mind is on being happy – and not related to your weight- doing the things that give you joy, and giving away your special talents and skills that you can share with others. Then any weight loss is a natural offshoot of taking care of yourself (and helping others). Be happy and accept yourself as you would if you are tall or short, fat or thin (for men- have hair or are bald).  Love yourself like your dog loves you (or would love you if you had a dog).

love yourself like your dog loves you






you can choose how to live your life by adjusting your mindset.signature from Lianda Ludwig


Eat Less & Exercise More IS A BIG FAT LIE!

Want to Lose Weight, and your doctor tells you: “Eat Less and Exercise More”. Come On! Think logically about it! When you exercise, do you get less hungry? Of course not. Exercise makes you hungry.

The Diet and Medical Industry, fooled by proclamations based on 1 flawed study about 40 years ago, turned itself upside down, and defied logic. If you eat less, you body will FORCE YOU to become more lethargic, more tired to conserve calories.

If you can suspend the brain washing from the Diet Industry long enough you will wake up and remember that when you exercise you get hungry. That should be enough of a reason to question any person who tells you to follow this advice to lose weight. It is simply either a blatant lie made by someone who wants to profit from your yo-yo dieting, or someone who is ignorant of the facts.

Even IF you could exercise and keep yourself from eating afterwards with the will power of Hercules, it would take you the equivalent of 22 flights of stairs to burn off the calories in 1 slice of bread!! Is it worth it- The exercise OR the bread??!!  1 pound of fat = 3400 calories. That is fact.  Yes, exercise because you enjoy it, and it feels good, and it strengthens your heart and muscles – but it WON’T make you lose weight!

Now that “Eat Less” business: If you starve yourself, you will be miserable, cranky, cold (except if you live in Tucson in the summer) AND may only slowly lose weight.  But beware, because the minute you can’t stand it anymore, and start eating “normally” the weight will start coming back, and store itself right back into your fat cells that now won’t give it up again so easily!

This is fact. Calorie restricted dieting causes you to gain back the weight for 95% of people who go on a diet! So much of what the diet industry has told us is exactly the opposite: like “eat margarine instead of butter”. Now they admit that margarine is DEADLY garbage you shouldn’t ever eat!  It’s like the Woody Allen movie where he goes into the future and find out that everything we thought was bad for us was good!

You actually have to eat enough food, and eat it frequently enough not to slow down your metabolism. So many women chronically diet, eating rabbit food while their thin friends eat the good stuff. And guess who maintains their slender body? WOMEN WHO EAT!

Stop starving yourself and sabotaging your health and end up eventually making yourself GAIN weight. Because after each diet you go on, the weight comes back and brings along with it “insurance pounds” so you don’t starve next time. Break free of the diet-gain weight-diet cycle! Don’t let the diet industry fool you again!

  Get my free report, and free yourself from every dieting again!

Gluten Free Fad

Gluten Free or Gluten Fad photo of breads

Gluten Free OR Gluten Fad?

Should you go gluten free, or is this just another fad diet? So much information on the internet is making it really difficult to figure out what is real and what is fake news and information. I know for me, it has my head spinning. What should you believe? With regard to nutrition and diet there are so many fads – gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, leaky gut, now leaky BRAIN(!!), eat kale, on and on. I’m totally distrustful of the diet industry because of how I was a patsy and mislead for decades.

Honestly, I felt like a lot of what I’m reading is made up just to sell you something. But so many complimentary/alternative care doctors and professionals are insistent that gluten aggravates thyroid conditions.  Having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I felt it would be responsible for me to test for myself whether being gluten free would actually make a difference in my health..

Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

Symptoms of gluten intolerance range from mild to extreme. If you have Celiac Disease, eating gluten can kill you, or just make you wish that you were dead because of the pain! Most of the symptoms have to do with digestion. It’s said that eating gluten causes “leaky gut” where molecules of food items escape the encapsulated structure of the intestines and get into the blood stream where they don’t belong. According to Web MD, symptoms include gas, bone pain, depression, tingling or numbness in hands and feet, itchy skin, mouth sores.

I knew I don’t have celiac, but I did a symptoms that might be related: heartburn and joint pain. But honestly, I didn’t believe that I actually had a problem with gluten- and believe me, I certainly did NOT want to be gluten intolerant! Yes, there are blood tests, but I don’t think that the always are accurate – and they are expensive. I went a lot of years with symptoms of hypothyroid with no positive blood tests until finally the blood results changed.

My Test for Gluten Intolerance

I decided to do a test for myself by eliminating all sources of gluten for a period of time. Some say that one month is sufficient. No problem, I could do that easily, because there are lots of alternatives to gluten – but they are EXPENSIVE! That was another reason that I didn’t want to be gluten free! Also, I am a bit of a rebel, as you may have detected from reading on this site. I don’t wear any clothes with identifying designers, and resist being like others whenever possible! I really believed that gluten intolerance was a new fad. 😉

After four and half months, it seemed liked there was no change in how I felt. But one day, after 4.5 months, I had to go to a store where I had to walk up 20 steps. I’ve had a weird condition practically my entire life where walking uphill or up stairs makes my heart race…. and I do have a fast resting heart rate (I’m taking medication for this). This day, however, when I walked up the stairs I noticed that I wasn’t getting out of breath. Hmmm…. that’s strange – but not bad! Then I went on my normal walk around my very hilly neighborhood, and again something strange happened.  I didn’t have to stop multiple times to catch my breath. I was cautiously optimistic… Could it be from cutting out gluten?

Since I was really wanting pizza from my favorite pizza place, and decided that it was long enough being with gluten, and I was going to have a slice. So, I did the pizza test. What happened? I was stunned.  After about a half hour, my heart started pounding. It wasn’t going faster, just beating so hard I could feel it in my back, my stomach and even around my kidneys. My head felt awful- not exactly a headache, but like it was throbbing like I was holding my breath under water.

OMG! These weren’t like the symptoms they talked about from being gluten intolerant! It took a day for them to go away, and I went back to being gluten free. And my new ability to walk up hill returned. Believe me, I was not happy about this being related to gluten. It’s MUCH easier to live a life where you eat anything you want and don’t have to be careful about what you put in your mouth!

So now, six months later, I’m doing tests to see if I react from having a little bit of gluten- NOT like eating a bagel, but the amount of gluten in soy sauce. And I’m considering trying out dairy free – which I think is a LOT harder than being gluten free! I’m PRAYING I don’t have any discernible reactions to dairy!

Symptoms Gluten Free Did NOT Change

Many people report that they lost significant weight from cutting gluten out of their usual diet (I don’t mean restrictive eating). But of course, they didn’t report back years after to say whether they MAINTAINED weight loss (only 5% maintain weight loss). As you know, that’s the Diet Industry’s normal claim: THEY lost weight…..( Sure, but they gained it back!!) . And, I did NOT go gluten free because I wanted to lose weight or expected to lose weight.

As for me, I didn’t drop an ounce of weight. My joint pain has not abated. I still have allergies to dust and mold, cats and dogs. And yes, I still have heartburn, although it is a bit better.

Most important to me is that I’m making sure that I don’t feel like a “victim”…. poor me. Negativity causes stress and makes EVERYTHING worse in your life.

quote about not feeling sorry for yourself

Should You test yourself for Gluten Sensitivity?

If you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Hypothyroid, I definitely encourage you to do your own test to see if you have gluten intolerance. Perhaps your doctor never did the blood test for Hashimoto’s, which is the autoimmune disease of your thyroid gland. Not too many doctors do this test even if you have thyroid symptoms.
Check all the things you have in your home to see if they have gluten in them. Soy sauce, salad dressings, soups and many other items you have may add gluten as a thickener. Rye, barley and spelt grains all have gluten. If you’re going to do the test, make a commitment to yourself for the amount of time you will test – a month at least.
My suggestion is to write down symptoms you have- no matter how crazy they seem, so you can compare yourself after the test to see if its changed.

IF you have noticed that you feel better in any way, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it to you to stay gluten free. It’s better for your health to avoid things you react to, but not always easy- especially when you go out to eat with others. Parties can be challenging. Your friends may think it’s just a fad- but if they care about you, they’ll help you out.

Finally, there are good tasting gluten free breads, cakes and recipes that you can enjoy- and even fool your friends by offering them your food. And if you’re NOT sensitive to gluten, I’m happy for you!

Please share your comments below-

You can make your own Mindset

Researchers are MORONS

Mediterranean Diet

Findings Prove Researchers are Morons

A long term study epidemiological study tracked 19,000 people for four years to see if eating the Mediterranean Diet would have a protective effect on developing heart disease. Their findings were very important. But their conclusions convinced me that the researchers were either morons or completely blind to what was right in front of them. They found that the Mediterranean Diet did have the ability to lower heart disease, but primarily only in one group of  the subjects.

They found that the diet was more effective on college educated people who were economically well-off. The subjects were essentially eating the same diet, did the same amount of exercise, were not smoking cigarettes, and yet only the richer participants had less heart disease. What did the researchers conclude from this study you may ask? ….

The researcher concluded that these people bought more expensive wine and food. ARE THEY KIDDING??? They couldn’t figure out that the economically challenged people had MORE STRESS in their lives??  Even the exercise didn’t make that difference in developing heart disease in this study.

This exemplifies how the Diet Industry does research. Blame weight issues and health on ANYTHING other than the real cause: STRESS.

As Deepak Chopra once said: you can eat the healthiest foods, but under stress they turn to poison in your body.

Want to be healthy? Either you have to figure out a way to make a lot of money (in a job that’s not stressful), or work on stress relief.

How to Know if  the Stress Relief  You are Doing Works

If you want to live a happier, healthier and longer life, stress relief has to be a planned and practiced activity. But how do you know if what you’re doing is actually helping you? You need a way  to watch your body and mind relax so you LEARN when the method you are doing is working – and when it’s not!  EmWave and the InnerBalance devices are similar to biofeedback. They  both give you an auditory and visual signal when you are changing your heart rate variability (not just slowing down your heart, but making the beat to beat changes more “organized”). That’s one of the methods used in a lie-detector test to figure out if you are feeling stressed, and probably lying!

If you want to KNOW that the stress relief practice you are doing is actually working, I recommend getting one of these terrific devices from HeartMath – I’ve been using mine for over ten years – and I rarely get sick. It’s even helped me to deal with some really scary news that could have stressed me out, and made me feel miserable – because I’ve become a lot more resilient to stress.

Lots of people are feeling stressed out from the news right now. One of the stress relief methods I recommend is not watching it and torturing yourself with things you can’t change. And when you practice with the Inner Balance (for your iPhone and Android) or the Emwave- (a small version), you WILL feel the weight lifting off you – but you just can’t do it when you’re feeling lousy…. set aside time – even 5 minutes can be a big help!

Eat Well and Practice Stress Relief

Love yourself like your dog loves you- thin/fat    –     tall/short      –       young/old….. it matters not.

Nurture yourself with good food, AND do the stress relief!

love yourself like your dog loves you







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Obesity Epidemic

Is there REALLY an Obesity Epidemic?

I don’t know where people come up with the statistics that tell you that there is an obesity epidemic in the US. The CDC is now claiming that 62% of Americans are overweight or obese! I live in Southern California and am frequently outside at the beach, on the streets, in yoga classes,  shopping, etc. I see people in the grocery stores grabbing for “fat free” and low calorie (which I know is not healthy) food choices because they believe that these are healthy choices.  I see lots of people are the vast majority of them are average weight or thinner. Yet you read in the news all the time about an obesity epidemic.

Diet Industry Defines Overweight

The industry that profits from categorizing people as overweight, and therefore in need of dieting is the one to lobby congress about standards of obesity.  This is essentially the fox guarding the chicken coop. The BMI and weight average considered overweight and obese has been lowered consistently by this unethical industry that includes owners of weight loss clinics, best selling diet books, diet supplements, and all related money making businesses. That’s where that statistic come into play.  Marilyn Monroe would be considered obese by the diet industry.

Medical doctors learn practically nothing about nutrition in medical school,  and they get their information about health statistics from biased “research” done by these same owners of weight loss companies. Therefore doctors are the ones telling people they “need to lose weight” despite the actual unbiased statistics from insurance actuary tables show that being overweight even by 70 pounds is healthier than being underweight by 5 pounds! That’s right, you’ll live longer being overweight verses being underweight!


Diets Create Obesity

If there was an actual diet that really worked – one where people did this diet, lost weight and maintained the weight loss, wouldn’t EVERYONE go on it, and never have to diet again?? Well, sure! But the FACT IS: there is NO DIET, not Weight Watchers, low fat, Paleo, “lifestyle change” or anything else that is more effective than achieving 5% of people lose and maintain weight loss!

The Treatment creates the condition

In fact, this is an industry that gives a recommendation that actually CAUSES the condition it purports to wanting to end! It’s like doctors recommending increasing the number of cigarettes you smoke to stop lung cancer!

DIETS are responsible for the increase of weight in the United States.

It’s been estimated that 50 percent of women are on a diet at any given time, according to Judy Mahle Lutter in her book “The Bodywise Woman.” Up to 90 percent of teenagers diet regularly, and up to 50 percent of younger kids have tried a diet at some point.

It is clear that after each diet, 95% of people regain the weight they lost and add additional pounds to their original weight! It’s as if all the people who diet are in mass hypnosis believing that if they did it right, then they would be thin forever. They actually believe that 95% of people have no self discipline and are responsible for diet failure! This is a complete outrageous lie.

Why Are Some People Thin?

Instead of  judging overweight people as having a character flaw for their weight problem, why not study thin people? From my observation of my many slender friends, they have ALWAYS eaten larger meals than I have. They also have not participated in the very active exercise programs that I did (fast walking with hand weight, aerobic classes, step classes, tennis, roller skating, jogging, skiing) in order to burn calories. It was as if they maintained their weight by magic! I had one thin best friend who I swore had a tape worm because of the amount of food she could eat and never change her size of clothes!

And when you met their parents, they were similarly built (although I didn’t spend a lot of time having meals with their parents). Hmmm, could there be a genetic factor there?

A statistical analysis done of civil service workers in England tells an interesting story as well. The higher up the job title, and hence the economic level, the less overweight were the numbers of employees. In the US, the ACE Study, a long-term investigation of the effects of childhood abuse, neglect and humiliation shows that those people who suffered as children had the highest levels of overweight and other medical conditions as adults!

Other than genetic factors, it’s CLEAR that STRESS is the common denominator for what is causing weight gain. Stress from abuse, stress from low self-esteem and fear of not being accepted by others. Stress from economic disadvantages. The medical profession KNOWS that stress affects metabolism, but instead of telling their patients with weight issues to do stress relief, they tell them to do the very thing that causes MORE STRESS!

Weight Challenged?

If you have a weight challenge, WHEN did it start? Did you have a stressful event in your life that happened before you gained weight? Were you abused? Were you bullied – by school mates, or your family?  Or were you like me, and just thought I needed to be thinner because of the media, because a size 10 was too big?

Do you binge eat comfort food when you’re stressed? If you want to get control of out of control eating, dieting is not the answer. The answer is a Stress Relief Practice that is done daily- not just when you’re stressed out!

If you are in your 20’s or early 30’s,  I can encourage you to IMMEDIATELY STOP DIETING. It will only end up getting you stuck in a revolving door. And if you’re older and have been on a chronic diet for decades, it’s time you too, to stop dieting start nurturing yourself with food and forgiveness. Forgive yourself for being fooled by a greedy diet industry that makes money on your misery and tries to convince you the only way to feel good about yourself is when you are thin. Read publications that expose their treachery so that you’ll never fall for another diet plan.

Sign up for my newsletter and let me help you accept yourself right now- not when you’ve lost weight; but exactly the way you are. Just imagine how much better your life will be when food not longer controls you!

dog licking face of a fat woman

Love yourself the way your dog loves you- anyway you look.









You can make your own Mindset





Is Under-eating why you are OVER-weight?

Is UNDER eating why you are overweight?

Do you eat enough to lose weight?

It’s paradoxical, and hard to believe, but I know we’ve all been brainwashed. We’ve been led to believe that you get overweight from over-eating. But what if we have it reversed? All of my skinny friends eat like rock stars! (thin ones). They don’t binge eat, they just eat decent sized meals when they’re hungry. All my heavier friends eat like rabbits. And the research shows that the less you eat, the more you slow down your metabolism. In fact, if you chronically under-eat, you have probably damaged your metabolism to the point where you won’t lose weight unless you are really starving.

In fact, that’s what happened to me. I went on one of those “cleansing fasts” where you only had apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and maple syrup (VERY small portion) for TEN DAYS!! Everyone said that you would only be hungry for the first couple of days, and then you got a burst of energy and felt great.

That didn’t happen for me. But I am VERY disciplined and despite being painfully hungry, I only drank that disgusting combination. My hunger didn’t go away after a couple of days. And even worse is that you find yourself noticing all the food commercials on TV, all the food stores wherever you drive and all the people eating everywhere. It was like the world was conspiring to make you eat despite your best intentions. But I didn’t…. I stuck to that fast completely.

I had so much extra time because I didn’t have to shop, cook, eat, and then clean up from dinner. It amazed me how much time we actually spend around meals! And when you don’t eat, you really don’t have a lot of energy to do practically anything. Even my sleep was disturbed because I was dreaming about food! It’s kind of like when you really have to pee when you’re asleep, you dream about looking for a bathroom!

To end this long story about my 10 day fast – I lost 14 pounds – but that was the first time I did the “Master Cleanse”. I was THRILLED. And guess what? I went back to eating- and remember, I was a chronic dieter, so I still didn’t eat lots of food when I DID eat. I gained that weight back REALLY fast. Within a month I had regained the 14 pounds and 2 additional punishment pounds.

And what did I do? I thought, there MUST be something the matter with me- my thyroid must be screwed up…. Well, not eating gives you “functional hypothyroidism” where you don’t have the disease itself, but the symptoms!

I was disgusted, once again and stopped dieting for about six months, and then did another stupid diet, with the same kind of results, but I sure didn’t lose 14 pounds in 10 days like the first time I did that fasting!  In fact, when I tried to do the Master Cleanse the second time, I lost 1/4 of a pound in 10 days!!!!!!  I swear I’m telling you the truth!!

 Stress Causes Dieting

Overweight people generally don’t feel too great about their body.  They probably felt that way before they were overweight, and  that’s why they started over-eating and then dieting. Stress makes you feel awful, and food can be a drug to make you feel better. It’s even called “comfort food”. Some people will reach for drugs or alcohol, and you know how that makes your life even worse and ends up ruining your life! Don’t reach for the food (or those other really bad things), but DO stress relief that will make you feel better.



Diets Make You Gain Weight

this is me when I started dieting

this is me when I started dieting

I starved myself my entire life, to the point where it was difficult to eat a full meal. I started dieting when I was a size 10- yes, like those crazies I mentioned above who want to be thinner (and richer). Look what it did for Whitney Houston!

Here’s the fact that the Diet Industry either doesn’t want you to know, or hasn’t figured out: Under-eating, avoiding certain foods, and dieting is depriving yourself is a mindset that attracts overweight. It’s the way the Law Of Attraction works!  It’s been proven by BRAIN science as well! This is a overweight mindset. It’s stressful to your body, and to your mind. Once you’re stressed, your body shifts into fat storage mode, and your diet is doomed to failure!

In over 80% of cases, people are stressed, and they may use “comfort food” as a drug of choice to treat the stress. So are they overweight because they ate the food, or are they gaining weight because they are STRESSED?

Ta Da: STRESS is the cause of overeating; over-eating is the symptom of stress.

Most women I talk to under-eat chronically, and that is the reason that they can’t lose weight.  Their metabolisms have slowed down, their hair is thin, (outer third of their eyebrow is thin or gone), have cold body temperature, don’t sleep well, and a host of other problems. The good news is: #1- you can EASILY self-diagnose a slow metabolism yourself; AND you can re-set your metabolism.

In fact, a good friend of mine who saved me from dieting is Matt Stone from 180º Health (on Facebook). I heard him talking about how diets and under-eating are actually the thing that makes you gain weight – and it was like a lightbulb went on over my head. My life suddenly came into focus and I KNEW, BEYOND a scintilla of a doubt, that he was right!

If you are young enough, his premise is that you have to start RE-FEEDING yourself to slowly teach you body that you’re not starving. You should eat all the food that you fear, and gain some weight, and then your body will naturally start losing the excess weight. Now I don’t recommend this for us older crowd. We may have done so much damage to our metabolism that this flip to fast metabolism is not going to happen; and you’ll just end up gaining weight, and not losing it. But it’s certainly worth your investigation and reading his books. He’s a funny guy, but he does have a potty mouth- so if that offends you, either don’t read it, or just laugh a lot.


And when you are ready to really manage your stress and NOT use food, and want to talk about my Stop Emotional Eating program, start by taking the evaluation and a no-cost last strategy session to see if this program is right for you. What have you got to lose?

you can choose how to live your life by adjusting your mindset.signature from Lianda Ludwig

Hypothyroid Causing Weight Problems?

Is Your Thyroid Gland Not Working?

If you are trying to lose weight, and unable to budge that scale, you may have an undiagnosed problem with your thyroid gland.

Yes, losing weight is a very complex subject that is interwoven with many systems in your body. Your thyroid gland is the “master gland”, and thyroid hormones circulate throughout your body. A very sophisticated system can be thrown off easily as a response to lack of certain nutrients and minerals, or even stress.

Furthermore, even with a diagnosis, and treatment, many people complain that pharmaceutic medications are not adequately fixing their thyroid problems. Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe medications that are made from dessicated thyroid glands from animals. They prefer to depend upon synthetic pharmaceuticals, and are not even willing to try treating with the alternative, even though many patients have a much better response to the animal product.

Be aware that there are many symptoms, you may have a few, or many! Although there are a number of disorders possible – Graves Disease (Hyperthyroid- more characteristic of weight loss), Hypothyroid (slow metabolism), and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland) a condition where many of the symptoms can be mixed!

There are many doctors that now believe that the standard blood tests do not adequately diagnose thyroid problems, and they are treating patients based upon symptoms, not just blood results!

Symptoms of Hypothyroid

Brittle nails

Cold hands and feet

Cold intolerance



Difficulty swallowing

Dry skin

Elevated cholesterol

Essential hypertension

Eyelid swelling

Eyebrow outer 1/3 thinning


Hair loss



Inability to concentrate



Menstrual Irregularities

Muscle Cramps

Muscle/Joint Pain

Muscle Weakness


Poor memory

Puffy Eyes

Slower heartbeat

Throat Pain

Weight Gain


If you have a preponderance of these symptoms, don’t take “NO” for an answer. If you are being treated with synthetic thyroid (Synthroid, Levothyroxine, etc) you may still have symptoms because these are not the best drugs according to many thyroid sufferers.  You will be amazed at how much better you feel when your thyroid gland is working as nature intended it.

The Best Way To Diagnose and Treat Your Thyroid Condition

Yes, there are alternative and complimentary treatments available. A great way to do a test at home is to check your body temperature and pulse. If you have cold hands and feet, that’s a first sign that you may have problems with your thyroid gland.

The next step is getting an accurate diagnosis to find out if you have a thyroid condition! Because I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (and had many symptoms of both hyper and hypo thyroid) I’ve read a ton of books and articles about the thyroid, and it’s really helped me to understand the tests that should be done, and to interpret the results. I highly recommend you read  Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Treatment by Janie A. Bowthorpe, a woman who has gone through it all with inept and ignorant board certified endocrinologists. She finally became an expert herself by researching, speaking with thousands of other thyroid patients and finally finding good physicians.

Will I Lose Weight With Proper Thyroid Medication?

I want you to know that just by getting treatment for Hypothyroid symptoms is no guarantee that you lose weight. There may be foods to which you may have a food sensitivity.  Gluten can be problematic for anyone with thyroid problems.  Many doctors believe that for the majority of people with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (auto-immune disease of the thyroid) “gluten” (anything with wheat, and some other grains) should be eliminated from your diet. Also, you may not lose weight if you are not eating enough and often enough.  Over-exercise can impact your thyroid condition by being stressful for your body. Lack of sleep is also very bad for your thyroid. Your thyroid gland is VERY SENSITIVE to stress! 

The best thing you can do, is get yourself informed.  And there is a genetic predisposition to inheriting it from YOUR family- and they may not even have been properly diagnosed. Don’t fool around with this disease – it is your Master gland, and addressing the problem can improve your health, your mood, your weight, your ability to think, and even long term health issues! In fact, Dr. Broda Barnes did exhaustive research with thousands of people, and realized that heart attacks are CAUSED in great measure by untreated thyroid conditions! 


The book above will give you the information you need so that you can be an advocate for your health with your doctor. Not every endocrinologist is going to honor your requests for special testing and treatment.  I recommend you get informed so you know if you have the symptoms, and then can find the right kind of doctor to help you! It’s not going to be easy, but when you feel better, you’ll know the effort was worth it!



Stop Emotional Eating

Stress Eating of Comfort Food

woman stress eating ice cream, the perfect comfort food, right out of the freezerEmotional eating is the result of a stress trigger that sets you off. We call the food we overeat or binge on “comfort food”. That explains it exactly. You have stress, and to comfort yourself you grab for a food to make you feel better – or not feel at all. For many people ice-cream is that comfort food. Want to know why? Ice-cream is the same combination of sugar, fat and protein that you had when you were first born: mother’s milk! The original comfort food, when you cried as a baby was almost the same as ice-cream, but it wasn’t freezing!

Instead of comforting yourself with food, the best method is to identify what is stressing you out! Then manage the stress with HeartMath’s® wonderful tools. EmWave is the way you can see in REAL TIME, as you are practicing, that you are changing your body’s reaction to stress! It helps you get calm and more resilient. Then food is not so important because you’ve treated the REAL cause of over-eating, and potential weight gain – it’s STRESS!

When you overeat, or eat because you’re stressed that’s emotional eating. It’s been estimated that 75% of people gain weight from eating due to stress. And being stressed can slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight EVEN IF you’re not over-eating!

emWave testimonial from obesity doctor


It’s imperative for you to gain mastery over stress. Lianda’s unique proven programs INCLUDE using HeartMath’s biofeedback type of device: emWave2 Personal Stress Reliever (and HeartMath’s new device, Inner Balance for you iPhone and Android phone)  to give you power to stop binging and over-eating. And it will give you resilience to manage stress that normalizes your metabolism, improves your sleep, your mood and even physical symptoms.

Inner Balance stress relief biofeedback type of device for iPhone

Inner Balance for iPhone

Lianda goes even further with giving you “the skinny” on reasons you are having trouble losing weight and keeping it off. “Tap” into your heart’s power with EFT and HeartMath- the perfect combination to get off the yo-yo diet cycle and start eating and enjoying the food you like and need.

EmWave Personal Stress Reliever


No promises about weight loss- but this is what happened with a beta group of people who went through the program. Working on STRESS RELIEF, and NO DIETING…. Was it because the stress relief lowered cortisol levels, improved participants sleep, or gave them tools to manage their emotions instead of stuffing them with food?

In just six weeks on this stress relief program participants’ group weight average decreased by an impressive 5.2 pounds, though a number reported approximately 12-pound losses. The average waist circumference dropped 2.1 inches and hip circumference 1.78 inches. Participants also reported increased feelings of calmness. These results were accomplished without any direction in regard to food or exercise but rather focusing on taking care of their emotional well-being first. In other words: they practiced daily stress relief & lost weight!

Want to get started? Contact me to get your emWave or your Inner Balance (now blue tooth!)  and free training session and consultation.


You can make your own Mindset





Lianda is HeartMath provider

Dealing With Fat Shaming

skinny person fat shaming

Just by looking at her, you can tell you wouldn’t be friends with that thin woman!

Fat Shaming

People who fat shame others are mean, shallow, and ignorant. Those words perfectly describe people who berate you, call you names, tell you what to eat, and what NOT to eat are doing. I am so sorry that anyone has to deal with mean and shallow people who think they have the right to judge you. It’s good to have a strategy to deal with people like this so you don’t walk away from the event saying: “I SHOULD have said….” and then feeling even worse about yourself. It’s time to learn Assertiveness Training!

Secondly…. the people who shame you are not doing something to help you. They may claim they’re trying to help, but they are not! They are intentionally hurting you and embarrassing you – and making themselves seem like THEY are superior people because they are a “normal” weight. Unfortunately, they are also ignorant of the facts that “eat less and exercise more” does NOT work to have you lose weight permanently – even IF you continue to “watch your weight”. It’s as if they think you’ve never tried to lose weight! I’m certain you tried, and probably dieted MANY times, but you undoubtably regained it! Fat shamers think there’s some character flaw you have because your body doesn’t conform to standards that THEY think are appropriate.

Helping by Shaming?

If they actually think they are helping you get healthy by fat shaming, it would be helpful for them to learn facts and discover that yo-yoing up and down with your weight is even worse for your health. So if they REALLY cared about your health, they should mind their own business until they understand that dieting is the worst thing you can do to if you want to lose weight!

If the fat shamers  are in your family, you can tell them that you appreciate that they may think they are helping, but they are not; and please cease their commentary. If they continue to tell you that they are trying to “help” you, get them the book: “The Obesity Myth” by Paul Campos and educate them. In fact, educate yourself so you know ahead of time, all of the specifics that you can quote to them about how diets don’t work!

If these shamers are “friends” they are not really friends. Again, explain to them that they are NOT helping you, but making you feel worse about yourself, and upset with them! If they don’t change their comments,  get some new friends! Leave them behind.

If fat shamers are strangers, just think of them as low-lifes whose opinions mean nothing to you – because indeed, they are judgmental, and I’d be willing to be they are not perfect human beings if they are judging you!

The hardest fat shaming person to deal with is yourself

Until you really understand that weight gain is not something that has happened to you because you are a failure, and learn about the REAL causes of gaining weight, and what dieting actually does, you will hold yourself responsible and blame yourself!

I used to dream that I cheated while I was on a diet, and in the morning I hated myself so much that it gave me the motivation not to eat anything that wasn’t on my diet the entire day! Yes, I had discipline; but what I didn’t understand is: that will NOT make you succeed at losing weight and MAINTAINING weight loss. It was NOT my fault. And blaming myself and hating my body was actually a large part of the problem of gaining weight. It is all a big fat lie!

What is Causing You to Gain Weight?

Why and how did you gain this weight? I’m sure those people will tell you that it’s because:

  • you ate too much,
  • you ate the wrong food,
  • you didn’t exercise enough,
  • you are lazy,
  • you have no control over yourself,
  • you have no self-discipline.
  • Well, I’m here to tell you that they are all WRONG!

The primary reason you are gaining weight is because you are DIETING! It took me decades to realize (duh!) that every time I dieted, I lost weight for a while, plateaued (got stuck at a weight where no more weight would budge further down), and then started regaining the weight I struggled to lose – sometimes it happened while I was still dieting!

To make matters even worse, after each diet, I’d regain the weight, PLUS some additional “insurance pounds” that my body put on in case I happened to starve again! In essence, I dieted myself to fat! And once you move that set point up higher, you cannot get it lower by dieting! It took a long time to realize this, and a lot of heart ache. My amazing discovery was: this was not just my problem. It’s what happens to 95% of people who go on ANY diet, or “lifestyle change” or become vegetarian, paleo, etc…. Diets do NOT work! Only 5% of people maintain weight loss, and NO ONE knows why! That means that 95% of people who diet are going to GAIN weight!

Do NOT EVER diet again!

taking a pill to stop pain from a pebble in your shoe is not going to solve the problem for your pain!

Dieting to lose weight is like taking a pill to stop the pain in your foot instead of removing the pebble from your shoe…. If your body type is inherited from your family, you are going to look like them, more or less. But in most cases, weight gain is CAUSED because of being unhappy, and stressed. It increases cortisol which changes your metabolism (slows), makes it hard to get enough sleep (which alone can make you gain weight).

Dieting is the pebble: stress relief is taking the pebble out of your shoe.

But taking the pebble out of your shoe is not necessarily going to help you to lose weight – but it will keep you from gaining more (unless your weight gain is related to a health condition or genetics). And in some cases, it may help you to manage your weight. AND it will make you a lot happier in your life, which can affect many aspects of your health and relationships.

Find things to do to manage stress, like practicing stress relief with the EmWave device daily. Do activities that make you happy; read books that support you as you are; find TRUE friends who accept you for who you are…

dog licking face of a fat woman

Love yourself like your dog would love you – no matter what you look like!







You can make your own Mindset

Stress Diet

picture of fat woman eating in cart before horse

Overeating from Stress

Going on a diet without first dealing with the stress that made you gain weight in the first place, and is now making you over-eat, binge or any other disordered eating pattern is like putting the cart before the horse. It’s ignoring the major reasons that people eat too much or binge: STRESS! So if you’re stressed, and you KNOW that you need stress relief, don’t reach for “comfort food”- practice stress relief techniques first!

Diet Books Miss the CAUSE of over-eating

Every diet book I see advertised tells you what to eat and when to eat it. The only problem is: People don’t overeat on purpose. It HURTS to overeat! You feel bloated and uncomfortable. And then you hate yourself even more for overeating. That’s because you’re not eating because you’re hungry- you’re eating because of stress. You even call that food the you eat when stressed out comfort food! The food may be comforting you while you’re sitting and putting it in your mouth, but not after you finish and then think about what you’ve just done to yourself!

Stress Diet

The answer is so obvious that people just don’t see it! You must manage stress in order to normalize your eating behavior. Because essentially, you are unknowingly using eating as a stress relief- but it’s NOT working! Your doctor may be stressing you out by telling you that you “need” to lose weight (he or she is ignorant of the actual facts about excess weight, BTW). That’s only contributing to your stress. And your doctor may tell you to control your stress, but do they give you a method to relieve stress? Not likely!

Stress relief methods

There are LOTS of ways to relieve stress that can help you manage your stress eating, also known as emotional eating. But the ones that work best are the ones you actually practice daily. Stress relief that you practice actually makes you more resilient so that the things that used to stress you out don’t have the same power over you. That’s when you get into the zone of really managing your stress by eliminating your perception of, and reaction to things that used to really get to you. When you’re resilient they don’t have that impact on your life. It’s kind of like water running off a duck’s back. So you don’t reach for the “comfort food” because you don’t need it! Isn’t that better?

Some of my favorite  stress relief methods are:

  • slowing your breath, and extending your exhale
  • listening to calming sounds (from nature) or music
  • looking at a photo of someone I love
  • loosening and softening the muscle between your eyes (get rid of your frown)
  • petting an animal (if you’re not allergic, like me!)
  • getting out of your space and stretching (like doing a few yoga ‘asanas’ – poses)
  • HeartMath’s emWave– measure’s your ability in REAL TIME, to see how you’re actually changing your physiology and calming yourself down!

The thing that dieting articles rarely address is that over-eating and under-eating is a response to stress. So why would you start a diet, and ignore the issue of dealing with the CAUSE of the eating disorder? Dieting is putting the cart in front of the horse! In order to increase the probability that weight loss and maintenance of that loss is at all possible,  you must teach people a different way to manage stress without using food! If you want to get out of that cart and on the path to improved health weight management, contact me to get started.

You can make your own Mindset