Muscle Testing Gets to the Truth

Applied Kinesiology is an alternative medicine method that can be used for diagnosis or feedback on the functional status of your body. It’s based on the concept of internal energy that is fundamental in Chinese medicine. It’s non-invasive, using only pressure to a muscle to provide information about energy blockages, functioning of organs, nutritional deficiencies and even food sensitivities.
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Stress, Wrinkles, and Premature Aging

You can actually smile away stress! It turns out that the best wrinkle prevention is stress reduction! Wrinkles are caused by holding our muscles in a particular expression over time. Yes, that “old wives tale” is true! Worry causes tightening of muscles groups in your face that will create lines over time. Smiling will also create wrinkles, but which ones would you rather have?
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Health Tips for Stress Free, Healthy Weight Loss

Do you have a problem losing weight?  Why do you have difficulty losing weight? Once you have decided to go on a diet, your thoughts become focused on food. Now that you have decided you are trying to lose weight  when driving down the street,  all you notice are stores selling donuts, ice cream, junk food. It’s like the air is filled with the smell of sugar and frying food.
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How to lose belly fat without diet pills and surgery

Belly fat is especially difficult to lose. There are even many people who are not significantly overweight, but have a big belly. You can do exercises to lose weight, and tighten your stomach area, but the belly fat is stuck. In these cases, your belly fat is sending you an important message. You are STRESSED!
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 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

Although I don’t focus on making suggestions about the best choices for healthy eating I recommend Dr. Joseph Mercola for his thoroughly studied, researched and insightful approach to nutrition and wellness. I’m one of his big groupies! Here’s an article from his site for a basic understanding of how you can honor your wonderful body and properly care for yourself!  I’ve put in the most important points from the article.
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 Stress Causes Belly Fat

How you put excess weigh on in the first place is controlled by your eating habits. Many people use food for emotional comfort. If you are stressed, or bored, and find yourself rooting around in the pantry or refrigerator for something to eat, you will start adding weight. Many people eat from boredom, from loneliness, from anger, from depression and for a myriad of reasons OTHER THAN being hungry!
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Happiness is a choice: Your Mindset

Your mindset controls everything that happens in your life. Your mindset is your attitude about whatever IS. Things happen; for some people their attitude is: It’s BAD. For others the exact same event could be GREAT!! You choose your attitude about everything that happens in your life.
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Stress and Emotions

You can choose to be happy — Is worrying and anxiety ruling your life?  Worrying is like prepaying a toll for a bridge you may never cross.  Do you worry about the future? Have feelings of anxiety prevented you from being happy and trying new activities? Do anxious thoughts keep you from having a good nights sleep?
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EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping

Continuous stress can cause emotional and physical pain. Stress is the reaction that you have to some underlying cause or event that is bothering you. How it will effect you has to do with your individual response to stress. When you don’t deal with the underlying cause, treating stress will be like taking pain killers for cancer. It doesn’t cure the cancer, it only helps alleviate the pain of the cancer. [read more]


EFT- Meridian Tapping

Habitual stress in your life can seem like a never ending condition.

When I tell people that there is actually a do it yourself technique that works quickly and effectively to expose the underlying cause of your reaction to stress, and get rid of the problem, they are skeptical. Many people are not even open to considering that there are ways to heal that don’t come in a pill! They won’t even try a different approach. It’s very unfortunate, and potentially deadly.
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