Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


Are you looking for obvious answers to losing weight, but fighting a losing battle?

Eat More To Lose Weight

Dieting and exercise will not let you achieve a permanent weight loss. It doesn’t work for 95% of dieters. And it’s not your fault. We’ve all been brainwashed – including your doctor who tells you that you have to lose weight, and tells you to go on a diet. But they are just as ignorant as […]

Eating Less To Lose Weight?


Everyone KNOWS that to lose weight you have to eat less. But is this actually true? Here’s an example that we rarely think about: Senior Citizens. If you go to some restaurants you’ll see “senior portions”.  Seniors often share meals (not just for money, but because they can’t eat as much). As people get older, […]

Lose Weight with Weight Training


Have you been doing cardio exercise and dieting and wondering why you are not losing weight? I’ve been there and done that. I wrote about that in my book, Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight (Kindle, available on Amazon). Sure, it will work for a little while. You work your ass off (literally) and […]

Tap away Emotional Eating

Do you eat when you are stressed? Binge eating, or over-eating from stress is one of the major ways that people put on weight in the first place. Once you start eating from stress, it’s REALLY hard to turn it off! But there IS a method, that you can learn THIS Feb.23rd at 8pm ET […]

Binge Eating Cure

stuffing chocolate into your mouth and swallowing so fast you don't even taste it!

Stress Causes Binge Eating Weight issues don’t appear out of nowhere. Your body gives you all the information you need to know how much to eat, to drink and to sleep. The problem of over-eating can be because you are missing the signal that you are full if you are multi-tasking. Humans will typically over-eat […]