Forgive Yourself and Your Body


As a reader of Make It So Mindset, you know my message is that dieting doesn’t work. I went through decades of dieting, losing and regaining the weight, and blaming myself for each “failure”.  Believe me, no one was more disciplined than I was. I’d pre-punish myself “cheating” by eating my favorite food in my [...]

Permanent Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? Dieting is not the way to lose weight. If you’ve spent any time reading on this site, you’ve learned information the diet industry doesn’t want you to know: ALL diets fail 95% of the time!  You start by losing weight, and then it slows down, and eventually plateaus. In order [...]

Stress and Belly Fat

do you hate your belly fat?

Are you dieting and stressed out? You may not realize it, but stress can sabotage your weight in many ways! In fact, stress has been implicated as the cause of belly fat. When I first speak with my new clients, the first question I ask them is: was there a stressful event the came right [...]

Is your weight stuck?

Why won't this scale budge?

I couldn’t understand why every time I went on a diet, I’d lose weight for a short time, and then it would stop. I felt like my weight was stuck, and I couldn’t lose any more! The Diet Industry called it a plateau, and insisted that you just had to eat less and exercise more. [...]

Lose Weight by Eating Butter

Time Magaine says Eat Butter It's Heart Healthy

Low Fat Diets Increase Heart Disease & Overweight Your body is always talking to you and giving you important information about what you need to take care of yourself properly. Some signals are: thirst, fatigue, hunger,  desire for salty or sweet foods, urgency to use the bathroom, yawning, sneezing, and pain! But we’ve been encouraged to [...]

Binging and Emotional Eating

stress eating

Emotional eating, or stress eating results in eating when you’re not hungry.  Emotional eating is to fill an empty heart. Emotional Eating is a response to stress. You choose comfort foods, almost like a drug – to make you feel better. It may feel better while you are stuffing the food that you haven’t had [...]

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