Stress and Weight

do you hate your belly fat?

Are you dieting and stressed out? You may not realize it, but stress can sabotage your weight in many ways! In fact, stress has been implicated as the cause of belly fat. When I first speak with my new clients, the first question I ask them is: was there a stressful event the came right [...]

Burn Fat Fast

Dr.Oz new miracle pill to burn fat fast

Every day a new miracle diet, supplement, or exercise comes out in the news promising to deliver a sexy slim body. Take this pill and burn fat fast! And if you’ve ever been on a diet, I bet it’s hard for you to ignore this amazing diet news, hoping that THIS will be the diet [...]

Cold Hands & Cold Feet

cold feet can be the result of a slow metabolism

Are your hands and feet usually cold? Do you have a low body temperature, under about 97.8? Your body temperature is an indication of the strength of your metabolism. Healthy children typically have warm little bodies. Their hands and feet are warm, their hair is thick and shiny. Many adults complain that they are always [...]

Thinning Hair in Women

thinning hair in women

Do you have thinning hair? When you take a shower, do globs of hair come out in your hands? Do you worry when you brush your hair and it seems like you are losing a lot of hair – so much that you worry about if you are going bald? Women spend so much time [...]

There is No miracle diet

dieting to lose weight is like hitting your head against a wall to get rid of a headache

After decades of dieting, I finally learned the truth of why diets fail, people don’t fail! The Diet Industry, run by diet clinics, and overly thin women with their own eating disorders, are trying to make you feel like you a failure: lacking discipline, lazy and somehow psychologically flawed because THEIR diet doesn’t work for [...]

The Best Exercise To Lose Weight


You want to lose weight, and have been told a million times that eating less and exercising more is the only way to do it. And you believe it, because it’s something that “everyone knows”.  The only problem is, it’s NOT TRUE! There is so much evidence, but the Diet Industry wants you as a [...]

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